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TBITS I.T. Specialists Business Card Design on Macbook Pro

TBITS I.T. Specialists
Falling into place.


Challenge: Formerly operating under the name of the founder, TBITS I.T. Specialists required a fresh brand and identity to match the recent success and growth of their team. Operating for over 20 years, the goal was to create a visual language that would be well-received by their clients, old and new.

Solution: We found the best way to represent the information technology industry was by tapering down to the basics of computer information - 0s and 1s. We developed multiple methods of incorporating numbers (0 and 1) to the name – it’s the most satisfying when things just seem to fall into place.

Role: Branding, Logo, Graphic Design, Strategy, Web, Print, Direction

TBITS I.T. Specialists vehicle wrap design and installation
TBITS I.T. Specialists context image
TBITS I.T. Specialists context tech image
Lanyrd design TBITS I.T. Specialists Print production
TBITS I.T. Specialists collateral design letterhead business card envelop pencil