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Ng Notary Public
Serious. Simple. Symbolic.


Challenge: Through a deep dive into the company’s direction, we realized we needed to create a brand that symbolizes the integrity and conciseness of NG Notary Public. As part of the company’s restructure, they now have a new name and were eager for a fresh start.

Solution: As cliche as it’s it, Less is More. Utilizing negative space and well-defined iconography, we conceptualized a minimalist symbol that led the way for the rebrand. We’ve developed strong applications and continue to explore further methods to strengthen the company by integrating the brand in physical spaces.


Role: Branding, Logo, Graphic Design, Strategy, Web, Print, Direction

Ng Notary Context Image
Ng Notary Window Vinyl Signage
Timothy Ng Notary - Brand Notebook
Timothy Ng Notary - Stamp Logo
Ng Notary Board Room Graphic Instalation TWYST Creative