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Kitcho Izakaya - Menu

Kitcho Izakaya
New beginnings, timeless brand.


Challenge: With a strong focus on retaining Japanese culinary traditions, Kitcho Izakaya looked to set itself apart by creating an authentic dining experience both in food and in design. Our first step was to give the restaurant an identity that would represent the timelessness of Japanese aesthetics.

Solution: By combining modern iconography with traditional Japanese characters we created the core symbol for the Kitcho Izakaya identity. This brand is special to us as we’ve worked closely with the restaurateur in developing the ideal visual representation for their restaurant. We’re highly excited with the success of the restaurant and look forward to diving deeper into future applications.


Role: Branding, Logo, Graphic Design, Strategy, Print, Direction

Kitcho Izakaya - Oysters Food Photography
Kitcho Izakaya - Food Photogrphy Sashimi
Kitcho Izakaya - Kitchen Entrance
Kitcho Izakaya - Menu Open Photography
Kitcho Izakaya - Beef Sukiyaki Photography