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Fawn + Ink
A brand is born.


Challenge: Gentle by nature, a fawn embodies youthfulness, tranquility, and tenderness. The procedures of cosmetic tattooing can appear invasive to some, our goal is to represent and visually communicate a delicate and soothing experience. 

Solution: Utilizing soft colors, a spirited typeface and a wholesome illustration of a fawn - a brand is born! We created a responsive logo where smaller elements can be used separately in predetermined scenarios providing flexibility while maintaining brand integrity. Carefully curated photography and graphical elements are used to further communicate the brand message.  

Role: Branding, Logo, Graphic Design, Strategy, Web, Print, Direction

Fawn and Ink Webste App Mug Design Branding
Fawn and Ink Mug Design TWYST Creative
Fawn and Ink Brochure Trifold Design Brand
Fawn and Ink Business Card Design TWYST Creative
Fawn and Ink Signage Installation Design Brand