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Diamond Rally
Ready, set, logo!


Challenge: The Diamond Rally is an annual charity event with a stronger following year after year. With several hundred supercars participating in the event donning the logo, our goal was to streamline their previous iteration of the brand for a more dynamic experience.

Solution: By refining colors, typefaces and line work we created a strong cohesive lock-up while incorporating symbols of the event. An up-side-down diamond shape became the foundation of the logo. The rally takes place through Squamish and the sea to sky highway, which is represented in the two jagged lines moving north towards the peak. As the brand continues to evolve, we’re proud to see our work on display in so many ways.


Role: Branding, Logo, Graphic Design, Strategy, Print, Direction

Diamond Rally - Logo Chrome
Diamond Rally - Hat Embroidery
Diamond Rally - Event Photograpy
Diamond Rally - Event Photograpy Brian Jessel BMW